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Combat Motors Unveils Limited–Production, Next-Gen Wraith

Combat Motors has begun production of an all new 132 cubic inch (2,163 cc) powered Wraith with the first delivery expected in early June 2021.


BIRMINGHAM, AL, USA, April 12, 2021 -- Combat Motors, American ingenuity meets uncompromising performance and detail. Manufacturer and developer of the F-113 and F-131 Hellcat, the B-120 Wraith, the P-120 / R-131 Fighter, the X-132 Hellcat, the Hellcat Speedster, the P-51 Combat Fighter, the FA-13 Combat Bomber and the F-117 Fighter, Combat Motors announces it's all new Flagship model; the 2021 Combat Wraith

Like the original Wraith which debuted in 2008, pushing the limits of American motorcycle manufacturing technology was the only place to start for such an example of raw art-in-motion. Inspired by the purist’s desire to not only stand-out but to be liberated to forge one’s own path in a world full of followers.

This second-generation Combat Wraith rides on the tried & true CX4 architecture with a brute force, 2.2 Liter big-block V-twin engine by S&S Cycle. The engine is an integral part of the bike’s construction acting as a stressed member, unifying and transferring as much unadulterated power to the ground as possible through the BST carbon fiber wheels to the Pirelli tread.

The iconically shaped structural fuel tank is CNC 5-Axis machined from aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum. Utilizing this style of machining allowed Combat to increase the bike’s fuel capacity to 4.5 gallons and provide the longest ride possible between refueling.

Combat Motors head of design, Andrew Reuther, reinstated the monocoque structure that was originally developed for the company's P-51 Combat Fighter, while increasing airflow and efficiency through the redesigned structural air-box. Visibility of the twin-plate throttle-body is still made possible through a restyled oval glass just ahead of the fuel cap making it a crowning detail to the reimagined design of the original Wraith. This, along with the widely recognized visible cam timing cover and fuel tank windows, give the owner and any fortunate spectator full view of as many of the internal workings of this motorcycle.

Combat Motors, continuing in the spirit of its former nomenclature, offers yet another industry first to the market. The new Combat Wraith will be built with interlinked forward and rear foot controls, offering its pilot the best of both worlds for quick trips across town or long rides up the coast.

Each new motorcycle produced by the company will also soon be constructed in full view of its future owner via live, high-definition streaming video. Once the primary components are staged and ready, each client will have the the opportunity to watch the step-by-step process of their own creation being constructed. One motorcycle at a time, Combat’s experienced master builder, Jason Reddick, will hand-assemble each motorcycle in full view of its future owner. A time lapse video showcasing the birth of the new motorcycle will then become part of the delivery package, giving each new owner an unparalleled ownership experience.

The girder front suspension bears a nod to the past as well, as the LED light blade carbon housing resembles the arched signature appearance of the original Wraith. Adding function to this iconic form, solid carbon fiber panels guide air directly into the triangular air intake portals. Thoughtful integration and styling elevate the original 5-axis machined aircraft grade 6061 aluminum girders from the P-51 Combat Fighter to the Wraith’s elegant carbon fiber detailing.

No more than Ten (10) Wraiths will be built in either raw machined aluminum or black anodized finish.

Prototype #1 of the new Knight Wraith is currently being built for Ernest Lee, owner of Combat Motors, who plans to ride this new motorcycle on a cross-country trip following Interstate 10 from Jacksonville, Florida to Malibu, California. Current owners of the company's motorcycles are invited to ride either the entire length of the trip or individual legs with Ernest as he brings the next generation Combat Wraith west for its official debut.  


Engine: 132 cubic inch (2,163cc) S&S X-Wedge 56-degree air / oil cooled V-twin four stroke. with one-piece forged crankshaft, two valves per cylinder, toothed belt camshaft drive, and machined 6061 aluminum billet crankcase (also available with a 117 cubic inch engine)

Transmission: 5-speed proprietary stacked gearbox with Andrews gears and hydraulically operated dry clutch by Bandit Machine Works

Fuel/Ignition System: Closed-loop Delphi electronic fuel injection and engine management system, with single injector per cylinder, and 2 x 51mm S&S throttle body

Power: 111 bhp at 4,500 rpm

Torque: Holding 143 ft-lb from 3,500 to 6,000 rpm

Chassis: Machined aluminum monocoque, massive 7 in. curved Wraith backbone containing fuel load 

Foot Controls: Proprietary interlinked shifting mechanism and Beringer rear and forward position interlinked rear braking system

Front Brakes: Quad Disk 4D Piston 2 x 230 mm Beringer floating Aeronal cast iron discs with four-piston Beringer radially-mounted Aerotec calipers

Rear Brakes:1 x 240 mm cross-drilled Aeronal stainless steel disc with two-piston Beringer caliper

Top Speed: Over 160mph

Front Suspension: 27 degree rake, 4 inch trail, Double-wishbone parallelogram CNC 6061 aluminum fork with tubular aluminium struts and direct-action, Racetech monoshock fully-adjustable for high and low speed compression and rebound damping, and offering 114mm/4.35in wheel travel

Rear Suspension: CNC Aluminum swingerarm with cantilever Racetech monoshock rear suspension, offering fully adjustable two-speed compression and rebound damping, and 140mm/5.50in wheel travel

Wheels: 19 in. BST carbon front wheel, 17 in. BST carbon disc rear wheel

Tires: Pirelli Diablo Rosso III 120/70ZR19 front, 240/45ZR17 rear

Dimensions: 62.5 in. wheelbase, 29.5 in. seat height, 560 lb (wet)

Oil Capacity: 5 Liters

Fuel Capacity: 4.5 US gallons

Price: Raw Machined $155,000 USD MSRP (anodized black Knight Wraith $165,000)

About Combat Motorcycles:

Continuing a 30-year tradition of designing and crafting America’s most iconic, heirloom quality motorcycles: Combat Motors aims to represent the motoring purist. Combat Motors currently manufactures the F-117 Fighter, P-51 Combat Fighter, the Combat Bomber and the all new Combat Wraith by hand in its facility in Birmingham, Alabama. 

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Combat Motors' success and the new Wraith would not be possible without the concerted efforts our team; Jay and Jennifer Etheridge, Jason Reddick, Landers Sevier, Andrew Reuther and Frae "G" Wittwer.”  -------- Ernest Lee

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